Some discovered photographs of the Royal Opera House London



Opera House

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The Photographs (45 in all) were identified and scanned by D Kelly, Illuminati Creative Technology
3 Gladstone Road, Colchester
CO12EB 01206 798076

All photographs  and programmes are the property of

Martin Croxford,
10 Abbeygate Street
01206 513518

To whom you might apply IN ADDITION TO ILLUMINATI  if you want any information or to use any of the images.  

They are all of the immediately pre-war period at the Opera House, including the Thomas Beecham Season.   Many show Jack Croxford, who was Chief Electrician / Engineer, who collected the photographs.

Other photographs, presumably taken during the 1939-45 war show the time that theatres were in use as dance halls,  the auditorium specially adapted to add a dance floor. This was achieved by using frames from Morrison shelters and there are some unique photographs.  Chewing gum became a huge problem and Jack invented a special removing tool consisting of a heated scraper which he patented.   There are photographs of the device in use.

Shots of the audience include Von Ribbentrop and Lady Oxford.



Group Photo, Opera Chorus

chorus names.jpg

Reverse of above showing names

scrape gum1.jpg

Showing Staff using the new chewing gum removal system

scrape gum 2.jpg and 3. jpg

Showing Staff using the new chewing gum removal system


View from auditorium showing unknown production being fit-up

wardrobe ladies 1937.jpg

3 Ladies with Singer Treadle and manequinns in theatre wardrobe

Staff Cov Gar.jpg.jpg

Group Photograph

some top bods.jpg.jpg

Exterior group  in coats inc Sir.T. Beecham

prodn desk.jpg

Beecham, Croxford

Audience in Foyer1.jpg


 Jack Croxford.jpg

In Dinner Jacket


Artists impression: Chandeliers designed by J Croxford, Made by A Ashton

Lighting control 1937ish jpg

Magnetic clutch control panel

Dimmer Room jpg

With Mansell clutch controller and bracket handle board- with jack Croxford

Audience in Foyer2.jpg


wall lamp lyceum.jpg

Artists impression: Chandeliers designed by J Croxford, Made by A Ashton

gum cutting.jpg

Newspaper cutting

13 OH staff 37.jpg

Vignettes of staff in 1937

Patent drwg.jpg

Gum cutter patent


Photograph, bad condition restored by DK2003   View from Cyc to house showing banks of cyc floods. Name Strand Electric clearly visible

Building the Lyceum dance floor1.jpg

The Lyceum Strand London Morrison Shelters used to build up the floor.  Handwritten in ink, "These names have been posted: Eddy Phillip, Jean + Cyril,Mrs Stedwen, Roy and Marie, Susan and Rodney, Masie, Ian Winger, Ada and Bill, Connie, Eileen, Francis, Edie, Mavis and Jack, Ken, Mrs Gibbons, Janette" FOX PHOTOS

Interior from ILN April 19th 1847.jpg

Illustrated London news

Opening  1847 from ILN

Illustrated London news

Unknown at reception

At a reception

Ribbentrop and LadyOxford.jpg

At a reception

Standing audience.jpg


Ballroom lyceum?.jpg


Opening night season.jpg


slider dimmers, J Crox.jpg

Showing resistance dimmers with J Croxford

Beecham presentation§

STB being presented with something- by staff (?)


The collection  also contains approximately 30 production photographs/ programmes as follows:

Lisa Perli

Mimi in La Boheme and Antonia in Tales of Hoffman Liverpool Empire by the Imperial League of Opera

Set of 3   production Photographs with Duplicates of two

Koanga (Delius) Oda Slobodskaya and John Brownlee

5 Production Photos

Barber of Seville

Noel Eadie


Luella parkin

Costume Portrait as Gilda in Rigoletto at Covent Garden

Programme Cover only 2 copies

Coronation Season 1937 full colour

female Portrait



 (signed Alicia Markova 1935)

Cover only Vic Wells ball at Lyceum§

Lyceum Feb 10th 1949.  Green Engraving on Black.  Torn condition

2 photos audience entering crush bar?

Covent garden

Production Photo

  Backcloth of harbour scene, plus interior cloth with painted sunbeams in palace and interior with staircase. Interior with 2 mullion windows  and others High gloss . All Berlin

Interior view 3  copies and detail

Ballroom with bandstand and tables (may be part of Opera House) Shows lights designed by Jon Croxford, Chief Electrician

Booth Hitchin

as Kurwenal in Tristan and Isolde

2 production Photos

Marguerite's garden in Faust designer. Stewart Chaney at T.R.Glasgow. Lisa Perli and Heddle Nash

Production Photo and duplicate

Lisa Perli and Hedle Nash in Boheme

Production Photo

 Rosenkavelier Eva Adeabova and Adele Kean

Production Photo

Harold Williams and Tina De Villiers Faust

Programme 1937

Opera Season- showing Jack Croxford's prtrait


Lisa perli

programme 1938



Royal Command perf. 1935 Barber of seville

Programme cover only

Season 1937

Letter Stand Electric

Stanley earnshaw to J Crosford wishing good luck in new life


Autumn 1938  Rigoletto , Faust, Elektra

3 Assorted views of ballroom bandstands

Various, includes Manchester Ritz

Interior view, 3 copies and detail

Ballroom with bandstand and tables (may be part of Opera House) Shows lights designed by Jon Croxford, Chief Electrician

To see these or for any queries, phone Mr M Croxford. or D. Kelly -  As above .