Illuminati Productions / The Guerilla Shakespeare Company is a professional company which specialises in both the production of new work and the revival of classics.

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One of our major aims is to give opportunities to newcomers, whether as actors, technicians, designers, road managers and so on. To this end, each year we mount a touring outdoor Shakespeare production, using an eclectic and largely successful mix of professional actors and amateur actors. The professionals are cast via PCR (Professional Casting Report ) or by application from individual actors, or by using actors whose work we know. In 2011 we hope to produce an outdoor in the round version of "The Tempest" aimed at ethnic and multicultural audiences. If the finances permit, we have an invitation to visit China - but this is an expensive business, so dont hold your breath!

Please do not send scripts or cv's for consideration without first emailing us for permission. We will announce a casting call on this page later in the year.

We also produce "The Great Promenade Play" as part of the Colchester Festival.

We are currently looking the possibility of producing a huge community event called "Castle Keep"- a recreation in modern multimedia format of a huge outdoor pageant first performed 100 years ago. It will be performed in August 2012 with a cast of many hundreds.

Plans are in hand to create an outdoor theatre at Colchester with a two-week long season open to touring theatre, opera and other styles of production. An advertisment will be placed in "The Stage" and on this page inviting expressions of interest.


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Shakespeare at its most accessible! This company was formed to provide an evening of highly entertaining Shakespeare readings to the hospitality community. We are available for parties, conferences, fundraising evenings, restaurants and so on, anywhere in the UK.

The professional actors we use mingle unobstrusively with the guests until on a given signal the readings begin. Using between three and twelve actors, we mix romance , tragedy, comedy and - on Shakespeare's birthday for example - a bit of Bard biography. Where space and circumstances permit we do a swordplay scene from "Romeo and Juliet" or "Hamlet", the watch scene from "Much Ado" and an amazing punk fairy jazz song from "A Midsummer Nights Dream". There are sonnets, monologues both tragic and comic, wry comments on Shakespeare from Bernard Levin's writings and a comedy music hall pastiche called "The Night I Appeared as Macbeth". The whole cabaret lasts up to one hour, or can be as short and sharp as necessary.

We also perform in the street, often along the South Bank near the Globe and Rose Theatres

We work in close cooperation with Slackspace Colchester who specialise in innovative use of empty shops. We will be producing a series of free readings of Shakespeare starting withTwelfth Night followed shortly by Cymbeline

We also have scripts for Burns' Night and St Patrick's Night and we will write to order for any special occasion or on any theme, for example horse racing, weddings, historical celebrations etc.